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Vector Illustrations
With Style Guide and Asset Library


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15 Original Vector Illustrations

15 Original Illustrations were created for St. Edward’s University’s Office of Information Technology to reflect common technology related topics that could be used in a number of different occasions.

Before creating these illustrations, 4 different variations of the character’s face were created before settling on a style for the characters. The OIT department settled on the fourth style in order to keep the characters simple and easily replicated by the design team.

3 styles concept-05.png
3 styles concept-04.png
3 styles concept-03.png
3 styles concept-02.png

Sketches of illustration concepts were then created as a reference for final vector illustrations.

Thumbnail Sketch

woman front concept.png
printing concept.png
working on desktop concept.png


woman front.png
working on desktop.png

OIT Character Asset Library

The OIT Character Asset Library was then created, consisting of 7 sections: Heads, Torsos, Arms, Legs, Expressions, Shoes, and Accessories. Each section contained a wide selection of different angles and positions so that characters could be designed for any situation.

OIT Character LIbrary-01.png
OIT Character LIbrary-02.png
OIT Character LIbrary-04.png

OIT  Illustration Style Guide 

The OIT Character Style guide was written to specify the color palette, stroke weight, subject matter, and other specific details that signified the style of OIT character illustrations. It also describes in detail how to create a character using the asset library, as well as how to create a new original character in the same style.

OIT Illustration Style Guide - text.png
OIT Illustration Style Guide - text.png
OIT Illustration Style Guide - text.png
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