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Cover and Page Design

Sorin Oak Review

The 32nd Volume of Sorin Oak Review—a literary and fine arts journal composed of student work at St. Edward’s University—was designed in collaboration with Andrew Silvas and Jillian Horton. The cover and page design was meant to reflect the Sorin Oak Tree, to which the journal was named after, as well as the theme of this particular edition: “Patience and Desire”.

The pillars depict not only the wide trunk and limbs of the tree, but also the unwavering strength in patience, while the wavered strokes represent both the young branches as well as the desire and perseverance in this post-pandemic body of work.

Sorin Oak Review Printed Copy.jpg
Cover full spread w bleed.png

The interior page design reflects the same visual themes as the cover, alternating from blue to white backgrounds, with an overlaying tree bark texture. The text for this journal was typeset in Louis George Café, Lemon Milk, and Apollo.

Original written content has been replaced with poetry in the public domain in these sample spreads.


SORIN FINAL - Sample Copy 30-31.jpg
SORIN FINAL - Sample Copy 18-19.jpg
SORIN FINAL - Sample Copy 28-29.jpg
SORIN FINAL - Sample Copy.jpg
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