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Illustrated Children's Book:
What the Plum Tree Told Me

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No matter who you are or how many years you’ve spent on this planet, it’s easy to feel lost and alone from time to time. And sometimes, the thought of disappearing altogether sounds like a marvelous idea. This project, a short illustrated book aimed for middle-grade readers, follows the story of a young girl who magically becomes invisible, and the journey she takes to become visible again. The trees, flowers, and even the moon herself become guiding figures to our little ghostly protagonist as she explores her own path.


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This book is hand bound using a kettle-stitch binding technique with a designed hardcover using gold vinyl. The text for this book is typeset in  P22 Stickley Display with 36 pages, including five full-page illustrations and three half-page illustrations.

The illustrations for this book were created using ink and charcoal, and then edited digitally in Photoshop. Every chapter holds an illustration, marking each step in the girl’s journey. With rounded borders and soft, grayscale rendering, readers are given the sense of looking through a window into this whimsical world - and perhaps to some, a mirror of the one they already know.

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