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Brand Identity

Hoof Prints

Hoof Prints (powered by Wepa) is a recently introduced campus-wide printing service at St. Edward’s University. Hoof Prints allows students to print directly from their phone, laptop, or any personal device using the app, and gives students access to color printing. The brand identity for Hoof Prints was designed to convey the modernity and efficiency of the printing service, while maintaining the university’s brand through color and type choice. 

Hoof Prints marketing video, animated by  Sofia Canestaro, Ava Rivadeneira and  Eric Trimble

Iterations of Wepa Kiosk Front Panel

Wepa Kiosk Front Panel v2.5.png
Wepa Kiosk Front Panel v2.png
Wepa Kiosk Front Panel v4.png
Wepa Kiosk Front Panel v7.png
Wepa Hoof Prints reatractable banner.png

Hoof Prints retractable banner

Hoof Prints print station and banner

Hoof Prints Photo 2.jpg
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